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Diamond Shapes and Cuts

Diamonds 101 - Diamond Shapes and Cuts
The first thing that comes to mind when diamonds are mentioned is usually a gemstone with a round shape. However, there have been many advances in cutting techniques over the years, meaning we have a wide variety of beautiful diamond shapes and cuts to choose from. Each shape and cut style has its own character and the Pravins experts are always on hand to help you find the perfect diamond to express your love.
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Round Brilliant Cut

Round brilliant

The round brilliant is the most popular diamond cut. With its 58 facets, this clean and classic shape achieves more brilliance and fire than any other shape. It is a very versatile choice that never goes out of style.

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Oval-shaped diamonds are gaining in popularity as a modern favourite and we can see why. Combining the sparkle of the round brilliant with a more elongated look, this elegant shape lives up to its long history dating back as far as 1304 with the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond.

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Oval Cut

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Pear Cut


Resembling a teardrop, the pear shape is unique and flattering, and combines the brilliance of the round with the elongating effect of the marquise shape. Made famous by the stunning engagement ring given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton, this elegant shape has plenty of vintage and romantic appeal.

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Both an old and a new classic, the cushion shape is a square or rectangle with rounded corners which resembles a cushion. One of the oldest diamond cuts, the cushion’s larger facets allow for a more unique sparkle than a traditional brilliant cut.

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Cushion Cut

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Princess Cut


Created in 1981, the princess cut diamond is the most popular square diamond shape. Much like the round brilliant it is a classic, versatile and elegant shape. Creating the illusion of a larger diamond, this shape has the ability to look either vintage or contemporary depending on the setting.

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A glamorous shape with vintage appeal, the emerald-shaped diamond has long been a favourite for anyone looking for old world charm. Reminiscent of art deco and the roaring 20s, the step cut facets of the emerald shape add an understated elegance. As you can look straight through the facets of the stone, good clarity will be important as any inclusions will be highly visible.

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Emerald Cut

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Marquise cut


Said to be originally inspired by one of Louis XV’s mistresses, the marquise shape is unique and unusual. Its sharp points and striking shape elongate the look on the finger. Symmetry is of the utmost importance as even a slight difference can make the diamond appear unbalanced and uneven.

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More uncommon shapes

  • Radiant 
    Radiant-cut diamonds are a square or rectangular hybrid that combine the brilliance of the round and princess cuts with the elegance of the emerald. It is the most brilliant of all rectangular shaped cuts.
  • Trilliant 
    Triangular shaped diamonds are most often cut in a trilliant style, which makes for stunning fire and brilliance. Though traditionally used as an accent or side stone, this dramatic shape can be the perfect bold centre stone choice.
  • Asscher
    The Asscher cut is a square or rectangular shape diamond, and like the emerald shape it has step-cut facets, creating a similar Art Deco appeal. A well-cut Asscher will appear to have concentric squares as you look down through the table, also known as the “Hall of Mirrors” effect.
  • Heart
    The heart shape is always romantic and finding a balanced and symmetrical heart shape is rarer than you might think.
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Uncommon cuts