Pravins Regent Street


It was back in 1969 that Pravin Shah, newly arrived in the UK, decided that his future would be in the jewellery trade.  Pravins Limited started as a small market stall in the Marbles Arcade in Central London, selling imported silver jewellery.  Pravin did not have a jewellery background or formal training, but he did have an eye for product; the business prospered, leading to silver counter concessions in major fashion retailers around the country.  With the help of family, expansion continued and soon the business was able to take leases in shops in Central London, first in the Strand and then later on Regent Street. 


A change of direction in the 1980s meant a foray into gold and diamonds and the flagship shop at 221 Regent Street W1 was soon a thriving emporium of fine quality diamond jewellery – competing strongly with the London jewellery establishment.  


Pravin’s two sons Sanjeev and Hiten joined the business in the 1990s and further expansion into new towns and in particular shopping malls followed.  The business developed a passion for fine diamonds and gemstones.   Today, Pravins Ltd operates shops in Reading, Cardiff and Bluewater (Kent).  The flagship store at 221 Regent Street closed in 2008 after twenty-six years, following expiry of the lease and a desire to move away from the tourist bias of Central London.   Around forty staff are today proud to call themselves Pravins employees (although sadly not Pravin himself, as he retired in 2006 and has exchanged his trusty old desk for a sun-lounger and a seat at his favourite bar).


Over five decades Pravins, like any business, has had to change and adapt.  Clients, trends, technology and the retail landscape have changed significantly.  However, the things that made Pravins successful in the early years still stand true and guide our business today:

  •  An uncompromising eye for quality and design
  • Treating every client like a VIP.
  • Being honest and forthright in everything we do.
  • Making sensible decisions that permit sustainable, long-term growth
  • Remaining 100% family owned, with hands-on Directors.

Everything we’ve learnt since 1969 goes into everything that we do, no matter how fine the detail.  As we approach our fiftieth anniversary, the business remains strong and true to its core principles.  There’s no time to rest on our laurels - there are plans for further expansion over the next few years, always new jewellery ideas to explore and of course the third generation of the family to groom for succession. 

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To all of our clients, suppliers and staff over the last 49 years, thank you.  It’s been a brilliant journey, one we hope to continue for at least another five decades.